House Rules



Take your your lowest either Agility or Smarts to figure out how many cards you get.
(Agility or Smarts (which ever is lower) / 2) -1 = the number of cards that your character gets to choose from.

New Hinderances

Innocent (Major)
Your character isn’t very experienced. They haven’t seen the harsh, horrible side of life and just isn’t very prepared for it. They suffer -2 on all Guts rolls when faced with grotesque or horrific scenes (but not terrifying triggers; see Fear p. 93) and on Smarts and Spirit rolls to resist Intimidation, Persuasion, and Taunt.

Merciful (Major)
The quality of mercy might not be strained, but it can sure be a pain in the butt sometimes. Your character can’t bring themselves to harm helpless opponents even if they know the creep is going to stab them in the back the second they turn around. They won’t attack an opponent who is Incapacitated or otherwise unable to defend themselves, they won’t attack someone who surrenders or asks for mercy, and they won’t leave severely wounded opponents to die. They rarely if ever use a Finishing Move (GM’s discretion).

Obsession (Major)
Your character is obsessed with something—acquiring occult knowledge, protecting abused children, collecting rare weapons, getting a date with the cute girl who works at the library. Whatever it is, it’s just about the most important thing in their life. They will neglect their friends and responsibilities, expend vast amounts of energy and resources, even putting themselves and/or companions in danger to pursue their obsession.

Ruthless (Minor)
Morality, ethics, mercy, honesty, nobility…screw ‘em. Your character believes that the end justifies the means. Lying, cheating, backstabbing, even killing—anything is permissible if it gets the job done. In addition to the practical problems this can cause (with police, for example), most people find this trait rather unpleasant. When interacting with people who have seen their Ruthless side, your character’s Charisma drops -2 (the GM might decide this doesn’t apply when the character is dealing with other Ruthless, Bloodthirsty, or Mean characters).

New Edges

Influence (Social)
Requirements: Novice, Connections

A character who has Connections knows people. A character who has Influence is respected—or at least feared—by those people. Influence can represent your high standing in an organization, people who owe you favors, or any situation that gives you a little weight to throw around. When you use your Connections Edge, Influence gives you a +1 to +4 bonus on your Persuasion roll. The exact bonus is up to the GM and depends on just how much Influence you have in the situation.

Influence doesn’t do anything for you Streetwise roll—if your contact isn’t available, they aren’t available.

Power Lifter (Background)
Requirements: Novice, Brawny, Strength d8+

Either naturally or through intense training, your character is really, really strong. They can carry 15x Strength in pounds without penalty and get +1 on melee damage and rolls to break things.

Sniper (Professional)
Requirements: Novice, Shooting d10+, Stealth d8+

Snipers are marksmen specially trained at attacking from concealed positions. A sniper establishes himself in hidden firing position by making a Stealth roll at +2. To spot the sniper—even after he opens fire—opponents must make opposed Notice rolls agains the sniper’s Stealth roll. If the targets can’t spot the sniper, they can’t return fire. However, characters with automatic weapons can use Suppressive Fire on an area, and if the sniper happens to be in the area, the sniper can be Shaken or hit as usual. If a sniper uses double tap or three-round burst, the opponents get +2 on their Notice rolls. If they use automatic or suppressive fire, they get +4. characters with the Sniper Edge get +2 to Notice enemy snipers.

It’s kind of scary being shot at by someone you can’t see. Every round characters are under fire from a hidden sniper, they must roll Spirit (adding cover modifiers as with Suppressive Fire). Failure indicates the character are Shaken. Once the sniper is spotted, his targets no longer have to make Spirit rolls and can return fire normally.

House Rules

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