Weird Wars: The Lost Files

A Race Against Time

Mission Debrief

The Report:

When we arrived in Egypt we split up as to give the appearance of R&R after meeting with the contact. Nigel and I went on to check out the dig site during the day as well. It was during this time that Wade was jumped by two locals who thought that he was a Brit. Putting one down on the spot and capturing the other to find out who he worked for.

Later that evening, after returning from reconnaissance, we questioned the captured individual and then tried to return him to the guy he worked for, once it was learned that he didn’t know anything. Consequently, he died in a struggle that took place while trying to return him. Clearly he wasn’t a high value target.

We then made our way to the dig site at night. However, on the way a truck full of goons tried to run us a down. Trying to maintain a low profile, we took it out with small arms fire. Working as a single unit we quickly killed the driver, shot out the tires and destroyed the radiator. We then continued to the dig site.

Here we met our first resistance when we snuck into the camp and quietly took out a couple of guards. Note: Orders to Wade need to be super specific as do not shoot and take them out quietly was not specific enough) (Add – NO MATTER WHAT for his case and use judgment for everyone else).

Two of the guards clearly had some form of mental or magical power. We did see them using blood. They also both appeared to be German. However, once dispatched we moved quickly into the temple its self.

It was at this time we discovered that the contact had lost the map. (Depending on how long it takes to get this report to HQ this part may get removed).

Upon entering the temple we found many traps but we quickly made our way to what we would later find out to be a sub tomb of no real value. We did find an object in the coffin that started absorbing all metal. Our lead engineer (Buzz) made quick work of it and turned it into a fine dust before it could do any real damage.

Using the information gleaned from the map before it was lost, we were able to make are way further into the temple area. We were then able to find the real cache. It was here that we found the item in question.

Things deliberately left out of this report:

  • People getting coated in glitter as I do not want them detained for study.
  • General conduct during the glitter incident.
  • either device found in either coffin
  • The pocket dimension
  • The Ley line
  • The Septna area not mentioned or if mentioned only as an uninteresting cave.


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