Weird Wars: The Lost Files

To the Volcano

Mission Debrief

The Report:

This mission started out straight forward. However, we ran into enemy forces quickly in a little town about 4 miles away from the target. While underpowered for the enemy force, the importance of the mission dictated we worked our way through it. Wade heroically stopped a tank by shooting down the barrel of the main gun allowing our forces a chance to clear the city and gain vital code books and Intel to the mission at hand as well as secondary information we reported up.

After clearing this small town it was clear that the enemy killed the civilians living here as well.

Then, thanks heavily to the Intel already gathered by the amazing United States Army, I was able to devise a plan to minimize impact with the enemy and maximize our chances for success.

While working out this plan Wade and Buzz expertly managed to get the enemy tank moving again and quickly trained some team members on its basic function. We then used this tank, with our now black trucks to approach the enemy from the rear. Thanks again to Wade and Nigel.

Upon reaching an enemy check point, with thanks to some quick commands on my part and Nigel we talked our way through to the command center where we utilized the tank to quietly and quickly defeat the enemy again.

We then continued onto the main target. It was here we engaged the real enemy. We used the tank to take out their communications while Colby and the Russian Adrik did a masterful job of ensuring the enemy stayed dead and stopped rising again.

Sorin was also instrumental in stopping the enemy force at the gate and acquiring the necessary tools to ensure the enemy would be quickly defeated.

We found some tunnels that Buzz was able to break us into. Wade took lead and scouted ahead until we found a chamber with members of the enemy group chanting. They were quickly defeated and clearly summoning another demon similar to the last one encountered. We were able to stop the summoning and defeat the enemy but we were not able to stop the chain reaction they started that caused the eruption.

While we had been able to capture 3 (heroic efforts to the entire team risking their lives to the volcano to ensure we could capture them) of the higher ranked enemies, one died trying to escape and one died to his previously acquired injuries. The last one received a cut on his head when he fell on his own knife. (swastika cut into is head)

It is also worth noting that the civilian contractors had been essential to the success on this mission and they in no way had the time nor the resources needed to stop the volcano. It is also worth mentioning that Colby was a team player.


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