Weird Wars: The Lost Files

The Society

The society i belong to is one of many hunting lodges of the inner planes. We are agents of the light, the ruling principle of the Divine Order. We have scholars, priests, men and women knowledgeable in the arcane arts. We act to protect the light and bring those who seek to destroy the light to justice. With help from the Masters (aka the arch angles Michael, Gabriel). We also seek knowledge to learn from, to keep safe for those whom would use it for evil and to protect the world form being destroyed. The society has been working to protect the light sense before King Solomon, its origins go back centuries.

A Race Against Time
Mission Debrief

The Report:

When we arrived in Egypt we split up as to give the appearance of R&R after meeting with the contact. Nigel and I went on to check out the dig site during the day as well. It was during this time that Wade was jumped by two locals who thought that he was a Brit. Putting one down on the spot and capturing the other to find out who he worked for.

Later that evening, after returning from reconnaissance, we questioned the captured individual and then tried to return him to the guy he worked for, once it was learned that he didn’t know anything. Consequently, he died in a struggle that took place while trying to return him. Clearly he wasn’t a high value target.

We then made our way to the dig site at night. However, on the way a truck full of goons tried to run us a down. Trying to maintain a low profile, we took it out with small arms fire. Working as a single unit we quickly killed the driver, shot out the tires and destroyed the radiator. We then continued to the dig site.

Here we met our first resistance when we snuck into the camp and quietly took out a couple of guards. Note: Orders to Wade need to be super specific as do not shoot and take them out quietly was not specific enough) (Add – NO MATTER WHAT for his case and use judgment for everyone else).

Two of the guards clearly had some form of mental or magical power. We did see them using blood. They also both appeared to be German. However, once dispatched we moved quickly into the temple its self.

It was at this time we discovered that the contact had lost the map. (Depending on how long it takes to get this report to HQ this part may get removed).

Upon entering the temple we found many traps but we quickly made our way to what we would later find out to be a sub tomb of no real value. We did find an object in the coffin that started absorbing all metal. Our lead engineer (Buzz) made quick work of it and turned it into a fine dust before it could do any real damage.

Using the information gleaned from the map before it was lost, we were able to make are way further into the temple area. We were then able to find the real cache. It was here that we found the item in question.

Things deliberately left out of this report:

  • People getting coated in glitter as I do not want them detained for study.
  • General conduct during the glitter incident.
  • either device found in either coffin
  • The pocket dimension
  • The Ley line
  • The Septna area not mentioned or if mentioned only as an uninteresting cave.
To the Volcano
Mission Debrief

The Report:

This mission started out straight forward. However, we ran into enemy forces quickly in a little town about 4 miles away from the target. While underpowered for the enemy force, the importance of the mission dictated we worked our way through it. Wade heroically stopped a tank by shooting down the barrel of the main gun allowing our forces a chance to clear the city and gain vital code books and Intel to the mission at hand as well as secondary information we reported up.

After clearing this small town it was clear that the enemy killed the civilians living here as well.

Then, thanks heavily to the Intel already gathered by the amazing United States Army, I was able to devise a plan to minimize impact with the enemy and maximize our chances for success.

While working out this plan Wade and Buzz expertly managed to get the enemy tank moving again and quickly trained some team members on its basic function. We then used this tank, with our now black trucks to approach the enemy from the rear. Thanks again to Wade and Nigel.

Upon reaching an enemy check point, with thanks to some quick commands on my part and Nigel we talked our way through to the command center where we utilized the tank to quietly and quickly defeat the enemy again.

We then continued onto the main target. It was here we engaged the real enemy. We used the tank to take out their communications while Colby and the Russian Adrik did a masterful job of ensuring the enemy stayed dead and stopped rising again.

Sorin was also instrumental in stopping the enemy force at the gate and acquiring the necessary tools to ensure the enemy would be quickly defeated.

We found some tunnels that Buzz was able to break us into. Wade took lead and scouted ahead until we found a chamber with members of the enemy group chanting. They were quickly defeated and clearly summoning another demon similar to the last one encountered. We were able to stop the summoning and defeat the enemy but we were not able to stop the chain reaction they started that caused the eruption.

While we had been able to capture 3 (heroic efforts to the entire team risking their lives to the volcano to ensure we could capture them) of the higher ranked enemies, one died trying to escape and one died to his previously acquired injuries. The last one received a cut on his head when he fell on his own knife. (swastika cut into is head)

It is also worth noting that the civilian contractors had been essential to the success on this mission and they in no way had the time nor the resources needed to stop the volcano. It is also worth mentioning that Colby was a team player.

The Monastery
Mission Debrief

The Report:

Once we were dropped off in the safe zone we setup a parameter around the area where we planned on crossing over into enemy territory and began scouting. We split our forces to take up position on a nearby hill to get a feel for how many forces the enemy had at the monastery, while scouting ahead to see what would stand in our way there.

Intelligence gathering yielded:

  • Two dozen or so Nazi’s at the monastery
  • 3 Machine gun nests on the path that seemed to grant the most advantage

We then waited for sundown and advanced on the machine gun nests. It was then that I called in the mortar strike that was supremely successful. The mortar team hit all three targets in a straight line that could have been seen as a random shelling in the hot zone.

Then, using the failing light and the side of the cliffs we continued our approach to the target. Our scouts also put on Nazi uniforms in attempted to evade detection.

Our attached consultant also found weird papers made out of what looked like skin once we reached the remains of the machine gun nests. He informed us to take them as they would “protect us from the dead”. We took this under advisement and held them accordingly.

We then ran into more Nazi’s patrolling an area. Thanks to the clever use of Nazi uniforms, they mistook our scouts as their own and allowed us to get the drop on them. However, once dropped several of them got back up. It was then that our consultant informed us that we should “shoot them in the head”. We obliged. It was also at this time that a random group of farms came out of the nearby woods and also joined in to kill Nazi’s. Once the fighting stopped they continued back to town.

Recoverd goods:

  • Nazi grenades to be used to kill Nazi’s
  • Nazi daggers to be used to kill Nazi wear wolfs
  • A bloody map
  • Skin papers

We then ran into one smaller patrol that was also easy to dispatch.

Upon reaching the Monastery we discovered what ultimately turned about to be 80 or so zombies circling the perimeter. We also encountered several officers who announced “release the hounds”. This was presumably related to the grenades and gun fire from the previous fighting.

We then started suppressive fire on the officers and a group of “zombies” and proceeded to take out two of the officers and chased the third into a secret door. It was at this time that Wade bravely tested and proved the skin papers to actually work in allowing us to walk right passed the zombies. While we had to leave many solders behind this allowed us to give chase.

However, upon entering the main building, we discovered what the “hounds” were as we were attacked by a pack of were-wolves. Our second consultant joined us here and helped us quickly dispatch these monstrosities as well. While our first consultant also let us know to use silver. While being attacked by the were-wolves as our consultants called them, we had also engaged several more solders. Manaze took out several with a Nazi grenade and I took out several more with a grenade that was thrown our way.

We then continued to explore the area and came to an area with several doors and began to hear chanting from the north. It was at this time that I ordered the team to check behind the doors before moving north to ensure we did not get surrounded. In this course of action we found several survivors before moving on to the main threat.

We then moved north to find a large circle (I would attach a copy of it as appendix A) with 12 Nazi’s standing around it and one Nazi in the middle. It was at this time that our first consultant let us know not to break the circle and informed us that we should shoot the Nazi’s without breaking the circle.

We began exterminating the vermin, however, they were in the process of summoning a large daemon. All of my men handled this scene heroically and dispatched of the nazi’s quickly and cleanly. The daemon ultimately ate the Nazi in the middle and disappeared.

We then managed to capture two Nazi’s and we were able to question one for inelegance. The other was killed while trying to escape. However, on our way out of the building the second one was also killed by the horde of Zombies as we had confiscated all of his equipment, including his skin paper. While an unfortunate accident, his interview with our first consultant can be seen as appendix B.

In the meantime we discovered that about half of the survivors had been bitten by zombies. We then cleared the rest of the facility of guards and discovered the remaining intelligence making this a wildly successful mission thanks again to my amazing men.

We were able to save about half of the survivors and our second consultant gave the bitten ones their last rights and we “saved their souls” as painlessly as we could.

We also passed out any of the skin papers we found and let the remaining men kill the 80 or so zombies.

Things that would NEVER make it into the report:
Bill kicking me in the butt
Bill dropping a live grenade
The first consultant ignoring an order in a combat situation potentially putting the team at risk
- If the retreat would have ended in re-enforcements, we would have had words

The first Constultant 1 telling us to break the circle and then changing his mind
Me distributing the gold and not reporting
Me allowing men to loot the dead
Me gathering Intel with intestinal aid
Wade being insane
Wolfs hiding cloths under their fur

Things I learned:
Wade is definitely my go to guy for dirty work and keeping things on the down low
Consultant 1 is willing to disobey direct orders and potentially put the team at risk to ensure the success of his mission.
Our demo guy really wants to blow things up and is more than willing to risk his own life to kill the enemy.
Consultant 2 can kill anything


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